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Lowri Evans

"A major talent in any language...."

"Great singer songwriter"

Bob Harris BBC Radio 2


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Gadael y gorffennol

6 Track Welsh language EP 2014 Released on Shimi Records

Corner of my eye

10 Track album 2013 Released on Shimi Records

"Ti am Nadolig/You for Christmas"

3 Track Christmas EP 2012

"Dydd a nos" 2011

10 Track Bi-lingual Album Released on the RASAL label.

"One Way Ticket" 2009

10 Track English Language Album Released on Shimi Records.

"Disgleirio" 2009

Welsh language EP released on Shimi Records

"Dagre Yn Yr Eira" 2008

Christmas Single released on Shimi Records

"Dim Da Maria" 2008

Lowri's 2nd Welsh language CD on the RASP Label.

"Kick The Sand" 2007

Lowri's 1st English Language Album released on The Fflach Label

"Clyw Sibrydion (Hear Whispers)" 2006

Lowri's 1st release on RASP part of the Fflach recording company and also her first Welsh Language Release.

"Little People" 4 track EP. 2005

Lowri's self released EP